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Baecher, Gregory B.

Baecher, Gregory B.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Center for Risk and Reliability
1172 Glenn. L. Martin Hall


  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology,1972
  • M.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology,1970
  • B.S.C.E., University of California,1968


  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Reliability and risk analysis
  • Dam safety
  • Coastal protection

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ENCE 603. Data analytics for project managers

ENCE 627. Project Risk Management. https://pm.umd.edu/course/project-risk-management/ 


GeoRisk 2023 Short Course

White papers and monographs:



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Abdolmajid Erfani, UMD Team Win ASCE's Wellington Prize

Researchers are honored for a study on post-project risk assessment.

Baecher Presents Lecture on Geotechnical Systems Risk

UMD Professor addresses GeoCarolinas conference.

UMD’s Baecher Receives the ASCE Terzaghi Lecture Award

CEE professor honored for advancing the field of geotechnical risk and statistics.

Baecher Named Center for Disaster Resilience Director

National Academy of Engineering member heads UMD-based research hub.

Bensi, Groth Selected for Nuclear Facility Risk Assessment Faculty Development Program

The inter-department program will support junior faculty in developing solutions to advance probabilistic risk assessments.

UMD Resilience Experts Host Project Management Training for Disaster Responders

The training was a collaboration with FEMA's Insurance and Mitigation Readiness Division

UMD Risk Expert Contributes to National Academies Report on National Drone Policy

The 14-person committee found that FAA overestimates the risks associated with drone operations.

National Academies Committee Led by CEE Professor Outlines Framework to Protect Residents from Mount St. Helens Legacy

Landscape changes from the 1980 eruption left 50,000 people at risk from catastrophic flooding and mudfloows.

G.B. Baecher to Speak at Annual Meeting of the Geotechnical Society of Edmonton

The society is among the oldest geotechnical associations in Canada.

Professor G.B. Baecher to Deliver Keynote at 2017 SwedCOLD

His presentation will focus on operational safety of dams and reservoirs.

Professor G.B. Baecher Co-Authors New Book on Dam Safety

Operational Safety of Dams and Reservoirs is now available from Thomas Telford Ltd.

Baecher to Chair NAS Committee on Management of Mt. St. Helens' Spirit Lake

Prof. Greg Baecher named Spirit Lake committee chair by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.

Baecher Addresses Nuclear Regulatory Commission

CEE faculty member presents "Next Generation of Risk Analysis in Dam Safety"

Baecher Awarded GEOSNet Distinguished Award for Lifetime Achievement

CEE Professor Gregory Baecher recognized for contributions to geotechnical risk and reliability research.

Baecher Featured in Reducing Coastal Risk Video

CEE Professor shares insights on coastal risk in National Academies video.

Baecher Contributes to NRC Report on Reducing Coastal Risk

CEE Professor contributes to Reducing Coastal Risk on the East and Gulf Coasts.

Baecher Elected to UC Berkeley Academy of Distinguished Alumni

CEE Professor elected for the class of 2014.

Baecher Appointed to National Research Council Committee

Civil Engineering Professor appointed to the National Research Council’s Coastal Protection Committee.

Professor Baecher receives Panamanian National Award for Science and Technology

Among the recipients was Professor Gregory Baecher of the UMD Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Professor Baecher appointed to Water Institute of the Gulf science board

The Council will provide scientific and technical advise to the Institute on issues related to coastal protection and restoration in support of Louisiana's Comprehensive

Flooding - a Growing National and Regional Threat

Presentations by members of the National Capital Region Flood Risk Assessment Program will address these issues.

CEE's Drs. Ed Link and Greg Baecher to Deliver Canadian Dam Association Keynote

Professors Link and Baecher to deliver Canadian Dam Association keynote lecture

CEE's Dr. Greg Baecher to Deliver Plenary Lecture at SUNY Buffalo

Professor Baecher to deliver plenary lecture at SUNY Buffalo.

CEE's Dr. Baecher to Deliver 2010 Harleman Lecture at PSU

Professor Baecher to deliver 2010 Harleman Lecture at PSU

Dr. Greg Baecher Appointed on Committee by The National Academies

CEE’s Dr. Greg Baecher to serve on committee reviewing U.S. government’s water resources policy.

CEE's Dr. Gregory Baecher Speaks at Symposium about the Midwest Floods

Dr. Gregory Baecher warns climate changes will lead to more disastrous floods.

CEE's Dr. Gregory Baecher Appears On The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Dr. Gregory Baecher discusses geological sinkholes with Kojo Nnamdi.

CEE's Dr. Greg Baecher Appointed To NASA Science Committee

The committee is currently focusing on the Mars Sample Return Mission.

CEE Professors Baecher and Ayyub Receive the Army Commander’s Award

The Commander’s Award for Public Service is the fourth highest honor the United States Department of the Army can bestow upon a civilian.

New UM Study Finds Levee And Flood Insurance Standards Inadequate

The report, prepared for FEMA recommends that levees protecting urban areas should be built with a higher level of protection.

Dr. Gregory Baecher elected member of the National Academy of Engineering

Dr. Gregory Baecher has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering

Dr. Gregory Baecher elected member of the National Academy of Engineering

Dr. Gregory Baecher has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering

Dr. Lewis E. Link and Professor Gregory B. Baecher have been awarded $1,296,877

Research award for a one year multi-task study on aftermath of Hurricane Katrina