Civil & Environmental Engineers design, build, maintain, and operate the basic framework of society. Our work protects people and communities from hazards and protects the environment from harmful effects of human activities.

  • We make the world a nice place to live!
  • We help ensure equitable access/outcomes.
  • We maintain infrastructure—the underlying, basic framework of society, including the system of public works of countries, states, or regions. 
  • We enhance public health and safety.
  • We protect our environment.
  • We increase productivity.
  • We promotes economic development and create jobs.
  • You will learn how to plan, design, operate, and maintain crucial societal infrastructure.
  • You'll learn how to apply your math and science knowledge to imagine, design, and build big things: structures and systems that meet basic human needs; protect health, safety, and welfare; and conserve and protect natural resources.
  • You'll learn important aspects of a people-serving profession:
  • You'll learn to communicate your ideas in speaking, writing, graphics, and maps; to work well with people, and to work well with computers.
  • You'll strengthen your creativity, initiative, and leadership skills.

UMD civil and environmental engineering graduates have gone on to careers with leading private companies and agencies in the public sector. See who's hiring our students!

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Emergency medicine (Cinzia)
Environmental and agricultural science
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Orthopedic surgeons? (Birthe)
Political Science
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