Academic Advisors

Funded graduate students are assigned an advisor upon their decision to enroll in our program. This advisor supervises your research as well as your progress to degree completion.

Unfunded graduate students must identify an academic advisor based on their indicated area of interest within their first year of study. Students are required to notify the Graduate Office as soon as the advisor has been determined by completing the Declaration of Academic Advisor Form. Students who need assistance with initial advising or need assistance finding a permanent advisor should contact the technical division coordinator for their track.

Bilal Ayyub
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Changing Academic Advisors

Students who are not funded by a faculty member are free to change academic advisors within their technical division at any point in time by notifying the former advisor and also the Graduate Office.

Students who are funded and need to discontinue their relationship with their advisor should first discuss the issue with the division’s technical coordinator. If the advisor is the technical coordinator, discuss the issue with the graduate director. If the issue cannot be resolved, the student will be assigned a new advisor. All efforts will be made to keep the student funded. However, there is no guarantee that the student will continue to be funded after their current contract expires. 

Anna Damm

Anna Damm

Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services
A. James Clark School of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering
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