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The Clark School's Office of International and Leadership Programs offers a range of semester-long study abroad opportunities tailored for civil and environmental engineering. A list of those programs is available at

CEE also offers three short-term programs with a focus on smart cities and sustainability. These courses count as a tech elective in the civil engineering major and double count as a tech elective in the sustainability minor. They are open to all undergraduate and graduate students at UMD or other U.S. institutions. 


Apply by March 1, 2018 to study sustainability and smart cities in Prague. 

Submit your application for CEE's short-term programs by visiting MyEA.

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Turin, Italy, Summer 2016

Why Study Abroad?

  • Earn academic credit toward your civil and environmental engineering major and sustainability minor
  • Gain an international understanding of technical and social issues vital to competing in a global economy and workforce
  • Immerse yourself in another cultural and education system
  • Gain leadership and collaboration experience
  • Learn about pressing civil and environmental engineering issues in a real-world context


ENCE 498C Sustainability & Smart Cities

Prague, Czech Republic

This program examines the building blocks of smart cities and explores tools for developing real projects focused on smart cities and sustainability. Students work alongside Czech students while learning and developing smart cities and green infrastructure projects. The course includes several site visits in Prague and Pisek. 

This program is offered Summer 2018.

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ENCE 498G Sustainability & Infrastructure

Athens, Greece

This program explores topics and concerns related to the development of sustainable infrastructure: environmental implications, energy conservation, sustainability metrics, recycling and waste reduction, mobility, greenhouse gass emissions, and more. The course includes several site visits in the area. 

This program is offered Spring Break 2018.

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ENCE 489I Sustainable Green Infrastructure for the Urban Environment

Turin, Italy

This program explores the framework, concepts, and techniques required to develop green infrastructure solutions for urban environments. Students work with Italian students on the design development of green alternatives to real scenarioes. The course includes several site visits in the Piemonte region.

This program is not currently available. 

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