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Ayyub, Bilal M.

Ayyub, Bilal M.

Director, Center for Technology and Systems Management
Civil and Environmental Engineering
0305 Glenn. L. Martin Hall


  • Ph.D., Geogria Institute of Technology, 1983


  • Measurement science for resilience and sustainability
  • Design and adaptation to a changing climate
  • Civilian and defense infrastructure resilience, risk and reliability
  • Global catastrophic risks
  • Autonomous systems and control
  • Big data and offset technology prediction

  • Reliability-Based Design of Ship Structure

    Principal Investigator(s) 

    Ayyub, Bilal M.

    The development of reliability-based design criteria for surface ship structures needs to consider the following three components: (1) loads, (2) structural strength, and (3) methods of reliability analysis.  A methodology for reliability-based design of ship structures was developed and implemented.  The methodology consists of the following two approaches: (1) direct reliability-based design, and (2) load and resistance factor design (LRFD) rules.  Reliability-based design rules were developed at several levels of structural systems that include the hull-girder, grillage, panel, plate and detail levels. This multi-year effort contributed towards the development of the American Bureau of Shipping Rules for the U. S. Navy.  Fatigue design in these rules are based on products from this research effort that first appeared in the special issue of the American Society of Naval Engineers Naval Engineers Journal.





Bilal Ayyub Receives ASCE Alfred Ang Award

The award recognizes contributions in risk analysis, risk management, and lifecycle economics.

Ayyub Named One of ENR's 2017 Top 25 Newsmakers

The list recognizes service to the construction industry and the public.

Bilal Ayyub Chairs ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division

The division develops resources for improving the hazard resilience of civil infrastructure and lifeline systems.

UMD’s Bilal Ayyub Named Distinguished Member of ASCE

In the society’s 165-year history, less than 700 civil engineers have been elected to this honor.

Bilal Ayyub Recognized for Research on Ship Survivability

The civil engineering professor is also the director of the Center for Technology and Systems Management.

Bilal Ayyub Elected to Society for Risk Analysis Council

The CEE professor will serve as treasurer through 2019. 

Ayyub Featured Speaker for Engineering Triennial Summit

CEE Professor Bilal Ayyub discusses topics in interoperabilitiy and resilience.

Ayyub Featured in ASCE "Engineering Resilient Communities"

CEE Professor offers expert insights on what it means to be resilient.

Ayyub Leads NIST Workshop on Building the Business Case for Disaster Resilience

More than 70 community disaster resilience experts discuss NIST economic guide

Ayyub Named to Executive Committee of ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division

Working group addresses impact of infrastructure systems on U.S. economy, security

UMD Researchers Lead Sustainable Construction and Manufacturing Workshop

CEE Professors Bilal M. Ayyub and Gerry Galloway help lead Measurement Science workshop.

Ayyub Founding Editor in Chief for New Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Journal

New journal on Risk and Uncertainty in engineering is the first to be jointly produced by ASCE and ASME.

Professor Bilal M. Ayyub appointed Chair of Research Committee on Risk Technology

Professor Bilal M. Ayyub appointed Chair of Research Committee on Risk Technology

Ayyub Research Featured in Washington Post, Other Venues

Study shows big impacts of potential super-storm surge on Washington, D.C.

Dr. Ayyub's Research on Global Warming Highlighted by Washington Post

The study, led by Bilal Ayyub of the University of Maryland, found that even if sea level rise turns out to be at the very low end of projections, it would still cause significant damage in Washington

Professor Ayyub Gave a Presentation at DOE Workshop

His presentation was on “Uncertainty Sources, Types and Quantification Models for Risk Studies".

Professor Ayyub Spoke at the Meeting of the Association of Government Toxicologists

This seminar on “Uncertainty Sources, Types and Quantification Models for Risk Studies“ provides an overview of risk analysis and management to examine knowledge reliability based on ignorance and uncertainty analyses.

Professor Bilal Ayyub Interviewed on WAMU Metro Connection

Civil and Environmental Engineering's Professor Bilal Ayyub interview was included in the segment "The Rise of the Robots"

ASME Awarded Dr. Ayyub a Certificate of Recognition

The certificate is for Dr. Ayyub's dedicated voluntary service 2009.

CEE Professors Baecher and Ayyub Receive the Army Commander’s Award

The Commander’s Award for Public Service is the fourth highest honor the United States Department of the Army can bestow upon a civilian.

Dr. Bilal Ayyub Honored With The ASNE President’s Award

Dr. Bilal Ayyub received the American Society of Naval Engineers President’s Award

Dr. Mark Kaminskiy Received A 2005 Research And Development Recognition Award

Dr. Mark Kaminskiy received a 2005 research and development recognition award