Professor Bilal Ayyub Interviewed on WAMU Metro Connection

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Pictured (front) Nikolay Tikhonov, Professor Bilal Ayyub. (back) Clara Popescu, Laurette Martelet, Anh Bui, Cheyu Chang, Melissa Quinet, Elias Zeilah

    Civil and Environmental Engineering's Professor Bilal Ayyub interview was included in the segment "The Rise of the Robots" to cover the plans to unveil the 'EATR' by the University of Maryland as the lead system integrator of the DARPA-funded project Robotic Technology, Inc. project. The Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot, an unmanned ground vehicle designed to go on military missions too risky or tedious for humans. And part of its mission is to find something to EAT. (Hence, "EATR.")

Andrew Hiller prepared the report and can be listened to at (Windows Media) or (Real Audio) and viewed at here.

Published October 13, 2009