Protecting, cleaning, and harvesting global water resources

CEE researchers are developing and applying advanced analytical, computation, and experimental methods for studying surface and groundwater in natural and engineered systems. Faculty leverage the high-performance computing cluster Deepthought2 as well as expertise in hydrology, satellite- and ground-based remote sensing, resource planning and management, drinking water treatment, and machine learning applications. 

Active research areas include:

  • Hydraulic and river engineering
  • Snow mass measurement
  • Urban water resource systems
  • Watershed hydrology
  • Water quality modeling


The Center for Disaster Resilience assists individuals, communities, and governments in understanding and reducing the catastrophic effects of natural hazards. Specializing in interdisciplinary methods, the center can help communities integrate the complex science and engineering of risk analysis with policies, codes, and environmental protection efforts.

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The Maryland Water Resources Research Center develops new technology and more efficient methods for resolving local, state, and national water resources problems. A member of the National Institutes for Water Resources, the center trains water scientists and engineers, works with local communities, and funds research.

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