Safeguarding environmental and public health

Our environmental engineering research covers a wide range of multidisciplinary topics centered on solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges. Researchers work closely with natural and environmental scientists, as well as industry professionals, to identify biological processes and develop methods to manage organic and inorganic pollutants in air, soil, and water.

Active research areas include:

  • Air pollution and odor modeling
  • Biological nutrient removal
  • Bioremediation of subsurface contaminants
  • Bioretention and remediation enhancements
  • Capture and accumulation of solids in bioretention
  • Fate of organic and inorganic compounds in wastewater treatment processes
  • Microbial fuel cells
  • Use of vegetative buffers to mitigate air pollution
  • Sustainable use of biosolids as fertilizer 


The Environmental Engineering Laboratories, totaling roughly 3,000 sq. ft., support analysis of environmental samples that focus on the fate and processes involved in three main areas of research: organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants, and environmental microbiology. Affiliated projects support the idea that fundamental environmental research will serve as the basis for solving daunting challenges faced by future generations.

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