Improving community preparedness and response

Researchers working in this area have helped local and international communities, along with government agencies and private industry, better understand, prepare, and respond to natural and human-caused hazards. Faculty members leverage expertise in infrastructure, hydrology, risk assessment, fire dynamics, hydrology, and more to develop and apply advanced tools and management strategies. 

Active research areas include: 

  • Applications of machine learning and data analytics for critical infrastructure risk assessment and management
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Evaluation of the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Natural hazards risk assessment for nuclear power facilities 
  • Probabilistic assessment of hurricane and storm surge hazards
  • Resilience and sustainability measurement and their economics
  • Resilient infrastructure and systems
  • Risk management and resource allocation


The Center for Disaster Resilience assists individuals, communities, and governments in understanding and reducing the catastrophic effects of natural hazards. Specializing in interdisciplinary methods, the center can help communities integrate the complex science and engineering of risk analysis with policies, codes, and environmental protection efforts.

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The Center for Technology and Systems Management leverages the expertise of both in-house experts and external associates to offer systems engineering, project management, and robotics, automation, control, and intelligent systems capabilities to its clients. Center products increase efficiency and effectiveness, enhance reliability, reduce failure rates, and support rational decision making sost-effective risk management. 

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The Maryland Water Resources Research Center develops new technology and more efficient methods for resolving local, state, and national water resources problems. A member of the National Institutes for Water Resouces, the center trains water scientists and engineers, works with local communities, and funds research.

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Bilal M. Ayyub

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Gregory B. Baecher

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Michelle (Shelby) Bensi

Assistant Professor
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Kaye L. Brubaker

Director, Maryland Water Resources Research Center
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Ed Link

Senior Research Engineer

Deb Niemeier

Clark Distinguished Chair Professor
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Allison Reilly

Assistant Professor
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