Short Course: Introduction to AutoCAD, Winter Term 2006

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For more information please see the attached flyer.  


Course Syllabus:  

• Using Pull-down Menus and On-Line Help  

• Reviewing AutoCAD Drawing Tools & Settings  

• Controlling and Managing Layers  

• Creating and Editing Blocks  

• Annotating and Dimensioning a Drawing  

• Setting up Model Space and Paper Space Views  

• Creating and Manipulating Plotting  

• Controlling, Analyzing and Editing AutoCAD Objects  

• Creating and Customizing AutoCAD Work Environment  


Instructor: Aaron Kensinger, Project Designer  

Organizers: Dr. Chung C. Fu. (5-2011,  

Dr. Kaye L. Brubaker (5-1965,  



To Register: Please complete the form and return it, with check (made out to “University of  

Maryland”) to Janet Alessandrini, Dept. of CEE, by Friday, December 16. The Department  

reserves the right to cancel the class with full refund in case of insufficient enrollment.

Published August 17, 2006