Recent Activities in Traffic Safety & Operations Lab

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Dr. G.L. Chang

Recent Activities (May 1-August 30)

I - The Traffic Safety & Operations Lab headed by Dr. G.L. Chang has recently been awarded research projects from MSHA and MDOT:

  • ITS Technology for Work-zone Travel Time Prediction
  • Work-zone Control and Capacity Analysis
  • Reduce Intersection Accidents due to Dilemma zones - Phase III
  • Real-time Traffic Monitoring and Emergency Management for Eastern Shore - Phase IV
  • 2006 CHART Performance Evaluation for Incident Response and Management
  • A Knowledge-base System for Prediction of Freeway Incident Duration

II - Three new post-doctoral research fellows have recently joined the Traffic Safety & Operations Lab:

  • Dr. Nan Zou, graduated from University of Maryland at College Park. (Research Interests: Traffic System Operation, Traffic Simulation, and Travel Time Estimation and Prediction.)
  • Dr. Hung-Wai Ho, graduated from The University of Hong Kong.(Research Interests: Macroscopic modeling approach for congestion pricing and housing related problems)
  • Dr. Jie Yu, graduated from Tongji University, China.(Research Interests: Optimal Location Theory, Transit System Planning and Operation.)

III - The Lab has recently hosted presentations for technical groups from:

  • Government of Shandong Province, China
  • The Beijing Police Department, China
  • TRB Representative - Dr. Peter Shaw

Published October 9, 2007