Dr. G.L. Chang’s Lab Received $300,000 for Ocean City Evacuation Project

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Dr. G.L. Chang’s Traffic Operations and Safety has recently received an extension phase of $300,000 to enhance its Ocean City traffic monitoring and emergency evacuation systems. The primary task of this phase is to deploy 30 traffic sensors between Salisbury and Ocean City, and provide estimated travel times via the roadside variable message sign. The proposed system will also enable Dr. Chang’s research team to investigate the impact of provided travel time information on the route choice behavior of motorists, and monitor the day-to-day evolution of traffic patterns on US50 and I90 between Salisbury and Ocean City. Dr. Chang’s Lab has operated the Ocean Traffic monitoring and evacuation system over the past 3 years and conducted various evacuation and traffic control strategies for the Eastern Shore region. The total research funding, including this extension of six months, has amounted to 1.2 million.

Published December 3, 2007