CapWIN Receives Praise during Demonstration

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Maryland senator Barbara Mikulski and governor Martin O'Malley receive a demonstration of the state's broadband internet network at the La Plata state police barracks in Charles County (Photo taken by: Matt Bush). Read the full story on the WAMU website.

During  a recent demonstration of the new Maryland Fiber Optic Network to Governor O'Malley, Senator Mikulski and several state and local delegates at the  Maryland State Police Barrack in La Plata, Maryland, CapWIN received unexpected  praises.

The  demonstration included access to the new live video feeds via CapWIN/Mobile Data  Computer.  Sgt. Julio Valcarcel conducted the demonstration and answered  several questions from both the Governor and Senator Mikulski. “I was very  pleased to hear Governor O'Malley mention CapWIN specifically by name, and  Julio did a nice job of promoting CapWIN's role in supporting if officer safety  in the field,” said Acting Executive Director Roddy Moscoso.

  About  CapWIN

The Capital Wireless Information Net (CapWIN) is a  program located in the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced  Transportation Technology (CATT) that was created by, and continues to operate  under the direction of a coalition of law enforcement, fire/EMS, and  transportation agencies in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia to  advance data communications across agency, jurisdiction, government, and  discipline boundaries. For more information about CapWIN visit

Published October 12, 2011