Al Santos Wins A. James Clark 2004-2005 Staff Service Award

A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

STAFF SERVICE AWARD: This award is given to a staff member whose service to their department, to the school, and the university has been judged outstanding.

Al Santos works in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department as the Assistant Director of Student Services. He started in the department as a Student Assistant in 1996, shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland.

Al's job duties include the day-to-day coordination of the CEE Graduate Admissions program and assistance with student recruitment, both undergraduate and graduate. He has also served as "Sherpa" and backcountry guide during the department's "Snow Hydrology and Avalanche" course in Colorado. And from time to time, he can also be seen painting and prepping offices for incoming faculty members.

Outside of work, Al is a freelance photographer, a long distance runner, and an outdoor sports enthusiast. He also works at REI part-time and has been with them for nine years.

Published July 22, 2005