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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Throughout their studies, undergraduate students have an opportunity to participate in research projects led by CEE professors. Contact Al Santos, director of undergraduate student services, for more information. 

First-year, sophomore, or junior-level students are also encouraged to explore formal, hands-on programs offered by the Clark School. 

Clark School Opportunities

Graduate Research Opportunities

​The most common forms of support for graduate students interested in expanding research opportunities are fellowships and research assistantships. 

CEE offers several merit-based fellowships for current graduate students, made possible by generous donors. Additional opportunities are available through the Graduate School and organizations outside the University of Maryland. Contact your advisor or Rob Briber, associate dean for research, for assistance preparing a competitive application for fellowship programs outside CEE. 

Students supported on Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) participate in research projects funded by grants under the supervision of a faculty member. The project material is typically related to the student's thesis or dissertation. GRAs are awarded by individual faculty members. To inquire about opportunities, contact your technical division coordinator. 

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