Professors Goulias and Schwartz Awarded a New MSHA Study

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Professor Goulias and Professor Schwartz

Professor Goulias and Professor Schwartz were awarded a new MSHA study on Increasing Durability of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements Designed with the Superpave System and the development of a Quality Assurance Program.

Professors Goulias and Schwartz were awarded this new research study to address two critical issues confronting the asphalt paving industry in Maryland. The first objective of the investigation is to explore methods for improving the durability of Superpave hot mix asphalt (HMA) mixtures for Maryland conditions. The second objective is the development of quality assurance program procedures that account for the differences in HMA properties between “plant” (QC) and “behind the paver” (QA) samples. The ultimate outcome of this study will be improved HMA mix designs for Maryland highways and a more equitable Quality Assurance Program for HMA that assigns risk fairly to MSHA and its contractors.

Published September 7, 2007