Graduating Senior, Andrew Parker, Wins The Prestigious Churchill Scholarship

Andrew Frank Parker, one of our graduating seniors has won the prestigious Churchill Scholarship.

Churchill Scholarships offer American students of exceptional ability, enrolled at one of the institutions participating in the program, the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in engineering, mathematics and the sciences at Cambridge, one of the world's great universities.

The Scholarships also provide the opportunity to experience life in Britain, to forge friendships with British students and those from many other lands who are enrolled at Cambridge, to see something of Britain and lands beyond, to see the United States from a new perspective and to gain personal insights about oneself that come from living abroad and adjusting to new challenges.

The criteria for the selection of Churchill Scholars include the following:

- Achievement in academic work as indicated by course grades

- Scores on the Graduate Record Examination

- Capacity for original, creative work as shown by special recognition and letters of reference

- Character, adaptability, demonstrated leadership, and concern for the critical problems of society

- Good health.

Parker is pursuing a Master of Philosophy degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development. This is a 12-month program with 6 months of coursework followed by a 6-month dissertation period.

Andrew is the first UMCP student to win this award.

Published June 3, 2005