Drs. Steven Gabriel and Matthias Ruth Awarded $629,000 for the LinkS Project

Civil and Environmental Engineering department’s Dr. Steven A. Gabriel (PI) and School of Public Policy’s Dr. Matthias Ruth (Co-PI) recently won a $629,000 award from a Norwegian Consortium to develop an integrated decision support framework for sustainable energy infrastructure. The award amount of $629,000 reflects University of Maryland’s share in the overall project award of $3.5 million shared by other partners. This project will link various energy models and incorporate public policy perspectives to guide government and industrial decision-makers in energy planning. The project which goes from 12/09/2009 - 06/08/2014, includes SINTEF, a Norwegian research organization as the lead, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Maryland, Tsinghua University (China), and the Joint Global Change Research Institute.

Published January 18, 2010