Dr. Chang's Traffic Safety and Operations Lab Awarded a $542,778 Project

Dr. Gang-Len Chang’s Traffic Safety and Operations center has recently been awarded a project of $542,778 over a period of 18 months to design and operate an Advanced Incident Response System for Eastern Shore region.  This project, sponsored jointly by FHWA/MSHA, is an extension of Dr. Chang’s Intelligent Transportation Systems research over the past 10 years on Ocean City and Eastern Shore. The focus of this phase is to provide the estimated traffic delay and duration due to a detected incident, including the predicted travel time during incident clearance operations, the criteria and models to guide any necessary detour operation, and the resulting time-varying traffic impact to both motorists and the entire region.  The results of this research will be integrated with Dr. Chang’s other $1.5 million on-going projects (http://oceancity.umd.edu) to develop a test bed for advanced traffic management systems for Maryland State Highway Administration.

Published April 25, 2013