Kirlin Lecture Series

All Kirlin Series Seminars and Lectures are made possible by the John J. Kirlin, Inc. Lecture Fund. Established in April 1984, the purpose of the fund is to support a prestigious lecture series to promote new and creative ideas and concepts in the construction industry.

Past Lectures and Seminars

Kirlin Distinguished Lectures
[2017-Nov. 29]

Paul Orzeske. CEO, Jensen Hughes. Advancing the Science of Safety

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[2017-Oct. 19] Kayce, Jeff. SVP Managing Director, Bozzuto Development Company. The Development Process—College Park Southern Gateway Redevelopment. 
[2015-Nov. 13]

Emmons, Peter. Founder & CEO, The Structural Group. The Continuum of Education: How Career-Long Learning Can Fill the Gap between College Education and Career Success.[pdf]

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[2014-Oct. 10] Wilson, Nigel. Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using Smart Data and Complementary Data to Improve Public Transport Systems.[pdf]
[2013-Mar. 13] Benson, Craig H. Professor and Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director of Sustainability Research & Education, Co-Director of the Office of Sustainability, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Infusing Sustainability into Civil Engineering Design: Value Proposition for Society and Engineering Practice. [pdf]
[2012-Nov. 2] Russell, Jeffrey S. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning, and Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry. [pdf]
[2012-Apr. 6] Vest, Charles M. President, National Academy of Engineering; President Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Why Engineering Education and Research Matter in the 21st Century. [pdf]
[2010-May 4] Clough, G. Wayne. Secretary, Smithsonian Institute.

Kirlin Seminars
[2016-Mar. 23]

Love, Nancy. Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan. At the Confluence: Nutrients, Trace Chemicals and Sustainability in the Urban Water Sector[pdf]  

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[2015-Mar. 25]

Hastie, Chip. Vice President, Clark Construction. Long Beach Courthouse: Influence of Performance Based Infrastructure on the Design-Build Process[pdf] 

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[2011-Nov. 16] Chapin, Douglas M. Fellow, American Nuclear Society; Principal, MPR Associates, Inc. Overview of Fukushima Daiichi Events – Technology, Chronology, Damage, Current Conditions, and Lessons Learned[pdf]
[2011-Oct. 12] Walesh, Stuart G. Distinguished Member, American Society of Civil Engineers. Enhancing Engineers’ Creativity and Innovation: A Whole-Brain Approach[pdf]
[2011-Apr. 20] Gee, King W. Associate Administrator, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation. Highway Transportation Trends and Challenges for the Engineer. [pdf]
[2010-Nov. 7] Hoffman, Ed. Director, NASA Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership, NASA. Developing Project Competence. [pdf]
[2010-Oct. 1] Dzombak, David A. Walter J. Blenko, Sr. University Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Faculty Director, Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education & Research; Carnegie Mellon University. Geologic Sequestration of CO2: Evaluating and Monitoring Seal Rock Integrity[pdf]
[2010-Feb. 24] Thornton, Charles H. Founding Principal - STRAAM LLC.; Chairman - Charles H. Thornton and Company, LLC; Chairman - Thornton Termohlen Group, Inc. Structural Engineering: This Engineer’s Look into the Future[pdf]
[2007-Feb. 7] Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Russel L. Fuhrman. Senior Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB); Executive Project Manager, Potomac Crossing Consultants (PCC). Challenges of MEGA Project Program Management. [pdf]