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There are several resources and links provided on this page which can help students navigate their educational path at the University.

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  • Study / Work Abroad
    The Clark School of Engineering offers opportunities for students to study abroad and/or work abroad during their college career.
  • Multidisciplinary Student Teams
    There are many opportunities to work in a multidisciplinary design team. Students are involved in projects and competitions that have brought national awards and recognition.
  • Gemstone Program
    Honors students with varied interests are invited to participate in Gemstone, a ground-breaking program that integrates technological and social issues into research projects spanning all four undergraduate years.
  • ASPIRE Program
    ASPIRE offers students a unique opportunity to venture beyond the classroom through collaboration with engineering faculty and staff on mutually interesting projects with industry relevance.
  • MERIT Program
    The Maryland Engineering Research Internship Teams (MERIT) program combines cutting-edge, team-based research with technical and educational seminars.
  • Hinman CEOs Program
    The Hinman Campus Entrepreneurship Opportunities (CEOs) program, the nation's first living-learning entrepreneurship initiative, brings students together from diverse majors to learn how to start their own businesses.
  • QUEST Program
    This innovative program invites high-achieving business and engineering majors to progress in collaborative team-based courses led by an interdisciplinary faculty.