Biennial Report

Distingushed Lectures

[10-10-14] Using Smart Data and Complementary Data to Improve Public Transport Systems (pdf)
[03-13-13] Infusing Sustainability into Engineering Design: Value Proposition for Society and Engineering Practice (pdf)
[04-11-12] Linking the Connected World to the Transportation Enterprise (pdf)
[11-16-11] Overview of Fukushima Daiichi Events - Technology, Chronology, Damage, Current Conditions and Lessons Learned (pdf)
[10-12-11] Enhancing Engineers' Creativity and Innovation: A Whole-Brain Approach (pdf)
[04-20-11] Highway Transportation Trends and Challenges for the Engineer (pdf)
[11-17-10] Developing Project Competence (pdf)
[10-01-10] Geologic Sequestration of CO2: Evaluating and Monitoring Seal Rock Integrity (pdf)
[02-24-10] Structural Engineering: This Engineer's Look into the Future (pdf)
[02-07-07] Challenges of MEGA Project Program Management (pdf)
[11-29-06] Looking at Future Federal Design and Construction Challenges: An Engineering Firm's Perspective (pdf)
[10-18-06] Global Water Policy: Institutional Trends and Infrastructure (pdf)
[05-10-06] The Anatomy Disaster (pdf)
[04-05-06] The Minimum Label Problem: Illustrating the Power and Flexibility of GA's (pdf)
[12-07-05] Sustainability and Building: Opportunities for Enduring Peace (pdf)
[10-26-05] Engineering the Earth:A Conservationist's View (pdf)
[03-02-05] Interoperability in Steel Design and Construction 
[10-27-04] The Changing World of Security Business (pdf)
[09-22-04] Estimation of the Impact of Land-use Change and Urbanization on Climate (pdf)