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While attending the University's Civil and Environmental Engineering department, our students enjoy a wide selection of opportunities to enhance their educational career. Here is a listing of some of the more popular civil engineering student groups on our campus:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
    ASCE stands for the American Society of Civil Engineers. Founded in 1852, it is the oldest national professional engineering society in the United States. The UMCP chapter connects over 300 civil and environmental engineering students with other students, employers, and opportunities for real-world engineering applications. We offer a variety of networking opportunities for students through social, career, philanthropic, and joint society events. Members are notified regularly of ASCE student chapter events, as well as job, scholarship, and networking opportunities. We also compete in the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge competitions.
  • Concrete Canoe
    Designed to provide students with a practical application of the engineering principles they learn in the classroom, along with important team and project management skills they need in their careers, the ASCE Concrete Canoe competition challenges students’ knowledge, creativity and stamina while showcasing the versatility and durability of concrete as a building material.
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
    Engineers Without Borders is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable development through engineering assistance and training internationally responsible engineering students.
  • ITS Student Chapter
    The vision of ITS is to promote understanding and interest in intelligent transport systems technology throughout the University community. Their mission is to coordinate the inter-departmental efforts of students at the University of Maryland at College Park, to promote and cultivate student research in ITS technologies, to provide a student link among the University of Maryland at College Park, ITS Maryland, and ITS America, and to act as clearinghouse of ITS information to students.
  • Solar Decathlon
    More than 125 students at the University of Maryland have come together over the last three years to plan, design and build a completely functional 800 square foot house run entirely on solar energy. As a completely student run organization, each team member has applied lessons learned in the class room to benefit this project. From architects to mechanical engineers to business majors, students from a variety of disciplines have contributed their unique skills to the project. After the decathlon, the team is happy to donate the home to the Montgomery County Parks Service.
  • Steel Bridge
    The ASCE Steel Bridge competition invites participants to design and build an approximately 20-foot span bridge from pieces that must meet particular size requirements. The bridges are tested to hold up to 2,500 pounds of vertical load with minimal bowing and swaying, all while maintaining safety considerations.