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Existing Right-of-way Plats Database GIS Applications

Principal Investigator(s) 

Masoud Hamedi, Ph.D. Candidate

Every two weeks, Office of Real Estate (ORE) receives around 1,500 requests for information related to plats from SHA customers. It is estimated that about 25% of them are internal and the remaining 75% are external requests. Presently the retrieval process of the required plats is purely human-driven. In order to query for the right ones, the plats have to be manually retrieved according to their numbers out of more than 60,000 available plats. The process is therefore very time-consuming and error-prone and the turnaround time is very long. This has been a persistent problem for years.

The objective of this research project was to develop a prototype automated computerized system to perform queries on an existing right-of-way plat database. The system offers user-friendly interactive map-based interface. The system is specially designed to minimize organizational impact and eliminate the time-consuming manual query to the extent possible. All requests to the ORE related to plat database will be replied quickly as long as the query area is covered by plats that are in the database. In addition, the system is designed so that it can be further developed to serve network user, intranet-based users and internet-based user.