Structural Engineering Lab

The Structural Engineering Laboratory has a large scale structural testing facility with a 1000 sq. ft. strong floor, and a 3-DOF servo-hydraulic controlled test system (three MTS actuators with servo-control (two 55-kips double-rod actuators with 30-GPM servovalve, one 110-kips single-rod actuator with a 15-GPM servovalve), a 60-GPM hydraulic power supply, three 50-GPM Hydraulic service manifolds, a 4-channel servo-control system with FlexTest 60 controller and MTS test software). A 104-channel data acquisition system from Pacific Instruments (model 6005) is available for instrumentation data collection in lab and field test. Available transducers in the lab include load cells, LVDT, linear potentiometer, strain gages, thermocouples and accelerometers. A SATEC servo-hydraulic testing machine can do both tension and compression test up to 480 kips. There are also a variety of reaction frames for large scale structural testing. An overhead crane with 5-tonf lift capacity is used to move test specimens around the lab.

The lab also has equipments for fabricating and testing of piezoelectric paint based ultrasonic sensor, as well as testing of large-scale structural subassembly on which sensor network can be implemented and their performance can be more realistically. Available equipments in SEL include: ball mill, paint disperser, ultrasonic particle de-agglomerator, paint applicators, 8-channel digital oscilloscope, oil-bath poling device, high-voltage DC power supply (up to 50 kV), HP4194A impedance analyzer, Agilent function generator, d33 meter, 16-channel NI PCI data acquisition system, digital multimeters, charge amplifiers, and many electronic accessories.

The lab features a facility for special structures testing and assisting the development of advanced sensor technology and innovative damping technology on relatively large-scale civil and aerospace structures, which proves to be an essential step for technology validation and debugging before field implementation.

Contact Information:

Dr. Yunfeng Zhang
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301-405-1955