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Dr. Gerry Galloway's Citations/Quotations In Media

Dr. Gerry Galloway's Citations/Quotations In Media

Press/Public Comments on Katrina Issues: Gerald E. Galloway, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland


·         WSJ - Betsy McKay

·         St Louis Post Dispatch (2 interviews) - Bill Lambrecht

·         Baltimore Sun (2) - Frank Roylance

·         WSJ-On-Line - David Kesmodel

·         Business Executive- ­Justin Rude 

·         Reuters-Andy Sullivan

·         Dallas Morning News ­ David Jackson

·         Time Magazine ­ Ann Ripley ­

·         Time Magazine ­ Eric Roston

·         Panorama Magazine (Italy) - Marco De Martino

·         Sacramento Bee – Deb Collars

·         The State, Columbia, SC

·         USA Today, John Ritter

·         Newhouse News – John McQuaid

·         Washington Post – Mike Grunwald (2x)

·         Popular Mechanics – Forthcoming article

·         Governing Magazine (Congressional Quarterly) –Tom Arrandale 


·         Hearst-Argyle TV (22 Stations) (5 appearances)

·         WJLA (ABC) (DC) Brad Bell

·         Fox News Network (National) Evening News (Cable)Bill Himmer

·         CBS News Network (National) Up to the Minute  - Melissa McDermott

·         WJZ (CBS) (Baltimore) - Alex DeMetrick

·         WUSA (CBS) (DC) - ­ Derek McGinty

·         WRC-TV (NBC) (DC) Channel 4 ­ Wendy Reger

·         History Channel Special (ABC News) ­ Rachel Engleberg

·         E&E TV (Cable), On Point. Brian Stempak

·         CNN, Saturday News Tony Harris

·         ABC26 New Orleans


·         NPR – All Things Considered - Christopher Joyce

·         NPR – All Things Considered - John Nielsen


·         Dallas Morning News

·         Mother Jones

·         Real Estate Journal

Press Conference/Hearings:

·         National Wildlife Federation

·         US House of Representatives, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


·         Aspen Institute with Bruce Babbitt and Marc Davis –Washington

·         The Infrastructure Security Partnership National Symposium, Keynote – Jacksonville. FL

·         Harleman Lecture – Penn State

·         Vanuxem Lecture – Princeton (being scheduled)


August 17, 2006

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