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Dr. Elise Miller-Hooks Awarded $361,626 by NSF

Dr. Elise Miller-Hooks Awarded $361,626 by NSF

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Dr. Elise Miller-Hooks was recently awarded a $361,626 grant by the National Science Foundation. The focus of her research will be “Resilience in Rail-Based Intermodal Transportation Systems: Performance Measurement and Decision Support.”


“Resilience in Rail-based Intermodal Transportation Systems: Performance Measurement and Decision Support.”

Elise Miller-Hooks

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Maryland

College Park, Maryland 20742

Performance measurement, preparedness planning and operational decision-making tools will be developed to provide support to infrastructure managers and intermodal system operators of rail-based intermodal passenger and freight transport systems to aid in optimal investment decisions aimed at preventing or ameliorating the effects of disasters. This research effort recognizes that the post-disaster performance of transportation networks depends not only on the inherent capability of the system to absorb externally induced changes, but also on the actions that can be taken in the immediate aftermath of the disaster to preserve or restore system performance. Identification of the appropriate pre-event preparatory and post-disaster recovery actions and related investment allocation decisions can play a crucial role in lessening ensuing post-disaster economic and societal loss.

May 15, 2010

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