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4/16/2010 - CITSM Seminar Series: "Unexpected Events and Intelligent Transportation Systems"

4/16/2010 - CITSM Seminar Series: "Unexpected Events and Intelligent Transportation Systems"

Speaker: Asad J. Khattak

Friday, April 16

Seminar: 2:30~3:30pm; Reception: 3:30~4:00pm

Location: Kay Board Rooms (1107 and 1111), Kim Engineering Building

Cookies, coffee, and soft drinks will be provided beginning at 2:15pm.


The presentation will attempt to answer a few fundamental questions: How can cities operate transportation systems to better handle uncertainty created by unexpected events? What is the role of technological innovations, specifically, intelligent transportation systems? We will discuss the performance of transportation system under different situations, ranging from relatively normal weather conditions to mandatory evacuations under hurricane conditions. Further, the performance of the system will be examined when one relatively small traffic incident occurs to the occurrence of complex cascading (secondary) incidents. The role of traveler information systems and freeway service patrols in reducing incident-induced congestion will be examined. The presentation will go into the development of various tools that can 1) encourage the diffusion of innovative intelligent transportation systems strategies, and 2) predict incident durations, the chances of secondary incidents, and associated delays. These tools aid in planning and proactively identifying operational strategies to deal with unexpected events.

Short Biography

Dr. Asad J. Khattak is Frank Batten endowed chair Professor of Civil Engineering at Old Dominion University, where he teaches and conducts research in transportation. Since Fall 2006, he has developed and directed ODU’s Transportation Research Institute and educational programs. Dr. Khattak’s research focuses on various types of innovations related to (a) intelligent transportation systems (their planning/operation and behavioral impacts), (b) transportation safety, and (c) sustainable transportation. Dr. Khattak has more than 16 years of research experience and 13 years of teaching experience in the transportation field, after completing his Ph.D in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University in 1991. He has authored 75 scholarly journal articles and 46 technical reports to research sponsors. As a principal- or co-investigator, he has successfully completed 32 sponsored research and educational projects totaling $4.5 million.

Dr. Khattak is Editor for the SCI-indexed Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. He is also Associate Editor of SCI-indexed International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. His service to professional organizations is further reflected in active participation in the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) and as a member of the Committee on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation Research Board, National Academies. He co-chairs the TRB Advanced Traveler Information Systems sub-committee.

April 13, 2010

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