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CapWIN Presented With Award At The MobileGOV 2007 Strategic Intelligence Meeting

CapWIN Presented With Award At The MobileGOV 2007 Strategic Intelligence Meeting

The Capital Wireless Information Net (CapWIN) received the “Most Cutting Edge Presentation” Award at the 2007 MobileGOV Strategic Intelligence Meeting, sponsored by ConVurge.

CapWIN Executive Director Tom Henderson and Bruce Barney Deputy Director for Technical Services presented their experiences in multi-agency interoperability between federal, state, and local agencies to win the award, as voted on by MobileGOV attendees.

CapWIN is a system that provides interoperability and database access to state and local police, fire and rescue users. It is an initiative of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory (CATT) at the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering.

"Our thanks to ConVurge for including CapWIN among the presentations at MobileGOV,” Henderson said. “This was one of the most successful conferences we have attended in encouraging the kind of networking that is so important to technology development in the public sector."

The MobileGov Council is dedicated to supporting the strategic, technological, and business relationships between the public and private sector. Focusing on a myriad of issues including disaster recovery and emergency response, mobile and wireless security, teleworking and interoperability, the meeting brought senior-level government executives together for three days of interactive meetings, learning, live demonstrations, and intimate networking in Cumberland, MD, April 29-May 1, 2007.

By discussing the need for inter-agency interoperability as well as the technical challenges, best practices, and solutions behind it, CapWIN generated lively discussion and raised awareness on this important topic affecting all levels of government involved with first responders and disaster recovery, Henderson said.

About CapWIN

The Capital Wireless Information Net (CapWIN) is a partnership between the State of Maryland, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the Federal Government to develop an interoperable first responder data communication and information sharing network. CapWIN's application suite enables: 1) incident management and coordination across agencies, regions, and public safety and transportation disciplines and at all levels of government; 2) secure one-to-one and group messaging as well as skill-based, searchable directory of individual first responders; and 3) access to operational data/resources, including regional transportation data and multiple state/federal law enforcement criminal databases, including driver’s license photos as well as state and Federal mug shots of wanted persons, violent gang members, and registered sex offenders.

About MobileGOV

With billions of dollars already spent on government mobile and wireless initiatives and hundred of millions allocated over the next several years, the need for highly focused, solutions that meet government requirements is vital. The MobileGOV Council addresses this critical need by bringing senior-level government IT executives together in small, focused collaborative meetings to discuss the solutions needed for secure, scalable, enterprise mobility. Through a strategic blend of round-tables, board-room like meetings and live demonstrations covering the technology, solutions, initiatives, challenges and best practices for Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response, Telework, Wireless Applications and Technologies and Mobile & Wireless Security.

About ConVurge

ConVurge is a leading organization in the research and analysis of the US Government and in the facilitation of partnerships between the public and private sectors. Our team provides expertise and intelligence to senior executives from cross-functional areas of the Federal Government. This information is offered through a number of avenues, including: Government Meetings and Education, Government Research, Strategic Events and Consulting. ConVurge’s annual Strategic Intelligence Council Meetings are rated as some of the top forums for senior executive level official. The four focus areas of ConVurge are SecureGOV, MobileGOV, ArchtiectureGOV and HrGOV. For further information regarding ConVurge, please visit

For more information regarding CapWIN, please contact Roddy Moscoso at (301) 614-3728 or

May 22, 2007

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