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Staff Spotlight: Marya Anderson

When it comes to ensuring safety in the labs, there are few dull moments on the job.

As the department’s Environmental Lab Manager, Marya Anderson wears many safety hats, handling everything from training for and maintenance of the Environmental teaching lab, to helping professors and teaching assistants correlate lectures taught in the classroom with lessons covered in the lab.

“My average day is definitely different from most people just because I never know what’s going to come up,” Marya said. “There’s always something coming up in the labs… questions about the instruments or safety, or people just aren’t sure how to do a certain technique. It’s always changing and, because I get to interact with the students every day, there’s always something new, always a new question or challenge. I like that it keeps you learning, always having to figure things out.”

As an alumna of the department, Marya brings a unique perspective to the lab and an ability to relate to many of the students who walk in the shoes she once wore.

“I finished my Master’s degree under Dr. Alba Torrents, and then the environmental group received approval to open the [lab manager] position,” Marya said. “It just seemed to fit me well. Alba told me about it, and I thought it sounded really interesting because, in addition to environmental engineering, my background is chemistry.” » Read more

CEE Welcomes Blessing Awe

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering proudly welcomes Program Management Specialist Blessing Awe.

A graduate of the University of Maryland (Psychology, '11), Blessing previously served as a communications manager for an event and décor company. She previously worked on contract with the American Federation of Teachers as an executive assistant to the director and as a program analyst with the Veterans Health Administration. Her background includes experience in communications, administrative duties, quality assurance, and project management.

Blessing began her career as a rehabilitation coordinator, but realized she had a love for project management and administrative duties. Blessing will divide her time with CEE between the main office and transportation initiatives such as the National Transportation Center at Maryland's ARPA-E project. She will provide administrative and program support to both areas.

Updated CEE Staff Roster & Responsibilities

Need to request an update for the CEE website? Looking to place a food order or provide parking codes for an event?

View and print a 'cheat sheet' of the CEE staff administrative responsibilities most pertinent to department faculty members and students. A comprehensive list of staff responsibilities is available online.

Security Reminder

Although the holiday season is behind us, please continue to be mindful of potential security risks. Faculty and staff are both strongly encouraged to lock their offices when stepping out—even, if you plan to step away for just a few moments.

If you see potential security risks that should be addressed at the department or college level, please either bring them to Chuck's or Angela’s attention as soon as possible.

USM Operational Audit

As a reminder, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will soon undergo a USM operational audit. The purpose of the audit is to look at CEE's practices and procedures and determine if the department is "operating efficiently and effectively." The audit will also serve to confirm that we are in compliance with federal, state, and system, and university policies, procedures, and regulations.

Upcoming Events

  • CEE Faculty & Staff Meeting
    March 9, 12-1:00 p.m.
    CEE Conference Room

  • Kirlin Lecture: Nancy Love
    March 23 3:00 p.m.
    1202 Glenn L. Martin Hall

  • Transportation Summit
    April 14 (all day)
    Stamp Student Union

  • CEE Board of Visitors
    April 25, 8 a.m.—4 p.m.
    Kim Engineering Building

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