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Staff Spotlight: Janet Alessandrini

For more than 13 years, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty, staff and students have found Janet Alessandrini to be a familiar face—someone who has learned the ins and outs of not only the department, but of life at the University of Maryland.

Her university ties—and loyalty—trace back even beyond her 30 years of combined service to the College of Arts and Humanities, Campus Recreation Services and CEE. In addition to both her parents who retired from the university, Janet has a sister who works for the business school, as well as another sister, nephews, and uncles who worked at UMD one time or another. “There’s an old term, ‘military brat,’ that people use. I like to consider myself a ‘UMD campus brat,’” Janet joked.

Originally a resident of New Carrollton, Md., Janet first carved her own path at the university as an undergraduate majoring in elementary education. After landing a part-time job as a student, she pursued full-time work and landed her first UMD gig: an administrative position for the art school, for which she was tasked with hiring models for art classes.

“The job definitely took away some of my shyness!” Janet said laughing. » Read more

University Reimbursement Policy for Gratuity, Meals on Travel

The University of Maryland travel procedures spreadsheet outlines gratuity reimbursement rates and procedures, as well as instances in which itemized receipts are required for reimbursement of airline/airport costs, meals, and other common expenses.

The university will only reimburse up to 18 percent gratuity. When possible, receipts should indicate the amount given for gratuity amount. No receipts are required for bellhop, maid or related gratuities, but UMD staff and faculty are asked to keep rates reasonable. For more information, please review the university’s Travel Procedures.

CEE Conference Room Reservation Website Update

The CEE Conference Room Reservation website——is now live. CEE faculty and staff can view availability for both the large conference room (1179 Glenn L. Martin Hall) and the small conference room (0147K Engineering Laboratory Building) online. » Read more

Call for Updated Staff/Faculty Information and Headshots 

As part of the department’s ongoing web audit, please review your listing in either the faculty directory or staff directory to ensure your name, title, office location, phone number, email and photo are up-to-date. If you have any changes or if you are still in need of an updated headshot, please email Communications Coordinator Alyssa Wolice.

Additionally, if you are a faculty member who has not yet submitted an Areas of Expertise form, please do so as soon as possible. The department website will soon be updated to include an “Areas of Expertise” database and it is important that all faculty members are included.

Santos Featured in Between the Columns 

CEE Director of Undergraduate Student Services Al Santos was recently spotlighted in Between the Columns, the University of Maryland faculty and staff newsletter.

The piece written by student Alex Stoller and titled, “His Wheels Keep on Turning: Student Adviser Values a Busy Life,” highlighted Al’s dedication to CEE students, photography, and fitness. In addition to advising 400 undergraduates, Al operates a photography company and shoots both collegiate and professional sports teams.

“I try to do a great job every time I’m out there,” Al is quoted in the article. “It could be my 200th time covering the NBA, but you still have to have the passion for it. You have to work hard, and essentially be creative with photography.”

View the article online.

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