The Graduate Guide

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers two advanced degrees:  The Master of Science (M.S.) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  A third degree, the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) is offered within the college through a different department with an option in Civil and Environmental Engineering (for details regarding this program, please see

Graduate study is designed to stimulate intellectual growth, increase the level of objective understanding of the physical world, and further develop capabilities for analysis and synthesis. Each plan of study will provide depth in a chosen track while broadening the student’s command of basic scientific principles and encourage creative application of current science and technology.

The Graduate Guide has been prepared as a resource for graduate students and faculty.  It is a record of the most up to date policies and procedures for all phases of the graduate degree program.  The statements herein compliment the University of Maryland Graduate School Catalog.  New policies and procedures for Civil and Environmental Engineering will be made to this guide as policies are changed, so please check this guide regularly.

The Graduate Guide was created and is administered by the CEE Graduate Studies Office. If you have any questions about its contents, please contact Heather Stewart