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Middle States Accreditation Process

Master of Science student progress must be evaluated after completing one year in the program. The MS One Year Assessment Form must be filled out by the student’s advisor as well as two other faculty within the technical division. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that students are understanding course materials and progressing in their program of study. The Graduate Office will send out a list of students needing an evaluation at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Master of Science students must also be evaluated at the end of the program. For both thesis and non-thesis option students, the faculty advisor and committee must fill out the MS Evaluation Rubric Form.  For thesis students this form must be filled out by all committee members after the thesis defense.  For non-thesis students, this form must be filled out after the comprehensive exam.

PhD students must be evaluated at the time of the three major program milestones, qualifying exam, proposal defense, and dissertation defense. The faculty advisor and committee must fill out the PhD Evaluation Rubric Form at each of these milestones.

All completed forms are to remain confidential and must be turned in to the Graduate Office within 72 hours of the program milestone.


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Additional Faculty Resources can be located in the Faculty Resources tab of the Graduate Guide. If you would like any additional resources added to the guide, or have any questions, please contact Heather Stewart.